June/July 2016

Editor's letter

Spring fever

By Ryan Bergen

Ryan BergenEach year, with the annual conference, CIM delivers a blast of energy. The months leading up to the event are bundled with meetings, multiple publications and myriad preparations. Outside, it is cold and grey. So we put our heads down and power through. That is, until we touch down in Vancouver and, greeted by a city already in full bloom, see where all the hard work has brought us.

All credit is due to the Events team at CIM National and the volunteers who work with them to put this conference together. While the attendance numbers rise and fall with the fortunes of the sector, the value of the gathering is beyond doubt. It reveals itself in the meeting rooms where mining execs with decades of experience and an enviable list of successful projects to their names scribble notes and ask questions of presenters, and in the conversations on the tradeshow floor that provide a perspective and depth that press releases can never fully communicate.

Skipping such events, noted Hecla Mining CEO Phillips Baker, Jr. during the plenary, is a false economy because it comes at the cost of professional development and the opportunity to discover new approaches. The reality is that as belts tighten some ideas will end up being left on the table.

We were there, however, and will gladly play our role in relating as many of the ideas as we can through the pages of CIM Magazine and CIM Journal. Ideally, those of you who could not make it to Vancouver this year will attend the 2017 conference in Montreal next April.

Thanks to the many of you who gave us an added shot in the arm through your feedback in the reader survey. Whether through words of encouragement or pointed critiques, your responses and comments are excellent guides for how and where we might improve. Keep your eye out for our August issue, which will feature results from the survey. In the meantime, I wish you a wonderful summer.

Ryan Bergen

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