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WATCH: The future of mining

A special presentation made in co-operation with McEwen Mining

Project Profile: Palabora Copper


Hard lessons

The team at Palabora Copper, wiser for its Lift I block cave project, is drawing on that experience to go deeper

Technology: Process monitoring


A measure of control

Better instruments and a drive for efficiency are making big changes to the way processing plants are run


Industry at a glance

Full circle

Dundee Sustainable Technologies introduces new closed-circuit cyanide-free gold extraction process

A Hive for hard times

Geologist launches crowd consulting and mentoring initiative

Gone but not forgotten

Colorado mine spill highlights cost of abandoned mine sites


ISO 14001

Revised standard takes environmental management to the next level

Mineral Resources and Reserves

When is a Mineral Resource not a Resource?


Keys to a no-surprise shotcrete system

Upfront: Underground Mining


Building a better shaft mucker

Equipment has evolved to meet the demands of today’s tough jobs

Cracking down on corrosion

New study gives greater insight into the impact of corrosion on support systems

Come hell or high water

The fight to sink the deepest single lift shaft in the United States

Need for speed

Can existing technologies deliver big gains?


Mozambique Flag

Tete, Mozambique

Mining Lore

Tools of the Trade

The best in new technology


Editor's letter

Control is key

President's notes

A common goal

Letter to the editor

Attention to fluid safety overdue

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