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WATCH: The future of mining

A special presentation made in co-operation with McEwen Mining

The mining industry has a productivity problem. McEwen Mining has opened its Toronto office to the industry’s leaders and big thinkers to begin looking for solutions.

Here are some of their ideas.

The “Internet of Things” & advanced analytics for the mining industry

Recent technological developments have begun to fulfill the promise of the “Internet of things”, says Dirk Claessens, IBM’s VP of Analytics. He discusses a series of industry specific case studies from iron ore facilities to aluminum smelters which highlight the operational and cost effectiveness of applied data analytics.

Lessons from cyber security

Once an organization reaches a certain size, it inevitably becomes a target for data thieves. Cyber security specialist Stephan Jou's job is to catch them. His tools of the trade: data and math. He explains how mining companies can protect themselves from embarrassing and increasingly common data security breaches.

Jou explained to CIM Magazine why mining companies may be particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Business Ecosystems

Fundamental changes to how we mine can’t be accomplished with a scattering of ad hoc efforts to innovate, explains Carl Weatherell of Canada Mining Innovation Council. “We need to do something this industry doesn’t do very well: We need to collaborate.”

Microbial Diversity: Getting to the root of the tree of life

Researchers continue to explore the microbial world, and as they do industrial applications are revealing themselves. Chemical Engineering professor Elizabeth Edwards has helped bring such innovations to market, and she argues their potential for site remediation is enormous. "There are microbes out there that can do wonderful things," says Edwards. "We just need clever ways and the right sample sites to find them."

Meta-genomics and Mining: Opportunities to innovate and de-risk

Researchers declared the human genome fully-mapped in 2003, after more than a decade of work. Today, says geochemist Lesley Warren, that same project would take a matter of weeks and be a fraction of the cost, and so the moment has arrived to put these advanced tools to work to solve mining most pressing challenges.

Atomic Dielectric Resonance for mineral exploration

You don’t need to keep drilling to define your resource, argues Alan Goodwin of Adrock. He details how miners are beginning to understand the power and cost-efficiency of ADR for mineral exploration.

Other videos:

Optimization for Mineral Processing Plants


Look around, borrow, customize


"We can only manage what we measure and we can only
optimize what we control," argues Michael Schaffer of Portage
Technologies, and today this is possible for mineral processing
circuits. The results are increased throughput and
improved recovery.
  "Innovation is really hard, it is very painful and it is imperfect,"
says Ernst & Young's Theophile Yameogo,
"that's why engineers and accountants avoid it."
Nevertheless, he argues in the McEwen Mining Lunch and Learn series,
plenty of victories await those who are prepared to take on the challenge.

The art and science of open innovation


Innovation in mining - A call to action


The automaker GM found the solution to an acute engineering
challenge by way of the Ukrainian dairy industry. If the mining
industry is interested in finding its own novel approaches to
difficult problems, the results will depend on whether
companies are prepared to open up and ask the right questions,
argues Nine Sigma’s Marcus Brady.
  Incremental innovation won't be enough keep today's
mining companies afloat. But today, companies don't
want to invest in research and development.
So where and how will change happen?
Kulvir Gill of Clareo Partners has some suggestions.

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These presentations are part of McEwen Mining’s Innovation Lunch and Learn Series, hosted at the company’s Toronto office. The videos are produced by Toronto Corporate Video Productions.

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