Aug/Sept 2015

The best in new technology

Compiled by Katelyn Spidle

◢ Tenacious torque

Quatro-quartercut Courtesy of Santasalo

The machines that move and process ore, such as conveyor belts, crushers and pumps, are massive but rely on some of their smallest parts – gears – to function. Operations place incredible demands on these gears to produce the torque necessary to maintain output and ensure steady throughput. With that in mind, Santasalo recently released its new Quatro+ line of planetary gear units, which boosts the maximum torque output over the original Quatro series by 30 per cent without modifying the size and weight of the unit. “We managed to achieve this by optimizing the internal design space in combination with a new bearing concept and advanced planetary gear design,” said Andreas Enting, the group’s head of design and development. The new bearing lasts 200 per cent longer than the original and the unit’s modular construction means the unit is highly customizable and easy to maintain. The new line can directly replace both Quatro and competitor units in existing drives.

◢ Smooth operator

Fleet maintenance can cost a pretty penny and, many times, it is the engines that need the most attention. For haul trucks or load-haul-dump vehicles, which have frequent stop-and-go engine cycles and heavy payloads, operating hours put an incredible strain on the engine’s individual moving parts. According to Harold Hazen, a spokesperson for Chevron, the heat generated in these heavy-duty engines causes lesser lubricating oils to oxidize and break down faster, resulting in increased viscosity and damaging acids and deposits. Chevron’s new Delo 400 SD SAE 15W-30 engine oil is formulated using a patentpending combination of additive chemicals that provides a high resistance to oxidization at all operating temperatures. Using the oil to keep components such as the valve train, piston crown and engine rings clean and lubricated directly translates to better engine performance, lower downtime and decreased maintenance costs. Hazen also noted that the oil helps heavy duty vehicles achieve better fuel economy: “Companies that want to reduce idle time do not have to worry about damaging their engines with frequent shutdowns and restarts.”
Chevron-delo400SDCourtesy of Chevron

◢ Better core samples, smaller footprint

LS250-MiniSonic-4-ED Courtesy of Boart Longyear

Exploratory drilling of remote and sensitive soft-ground target can be costly and troublesome, especially with bulky conventional rigs. To provide a compact solution for difficult terrain, Boart Longyear recently released its new LS250 MiniSonic drill rig. Boart Longyear spokesperson Amanda Nielsen said the rig is mounted on wide, 600-millimetre rubber tracks that apply low pressure to the ground, fits on small drill pads and trailers, and needs little to no supporting equipment. The sonic drill head is capable of drilling depths up to 78 metres faster and more accurately than conventional drilling rigs, while producing less waste, straighter holes and undisturbed core samples. The rig also features an airbag system mounted between the sonic head and carriage that redirects all excess vibration back down the hole, protecting the body from premature wear and tear and increasing drill productivity. “The LS250 combines proven technology, as the MiniSonic head has consistently performed in the field on some of the most technical and difficult projects, with the size to provide unmatched versatility and reliability,” said Nielsen.

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