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In Focus

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WATCH: The future of mining

A special presentation made in co-operation with McEwen Mining

Project Profile

Hollinger berm

Neighbourhood watch

Porcupine Gold Mines’ Hollinger project sits next to Timmins and under the microscope

Upfront: Open pit mining

Iron ore slope design BHP

A path that paid off

BHP Billiton Iron Ore used geochemistry to make its case for slope redesign
Barrick Cortez Hills conveyor energy

Are trucks the right tool for the job?

Barrick and Deloitte rethink the miner’s approach to energy
Mining Cote d'Ivoire SNC

Complex project poses many questions

How SNC-Lavalin and Société des Mines d’Ity are working out the future of one of Côte d’Ivoire’s oldest mines
Greg Lilleyman

Q&A with Greg Lilleyman

The head of Rio Tinto’s cutting-edge research speaks about his work


Industry at a glance

News briefs

Online lifeline

Abitibi Royalties uses the Internet to connect with struggling juniors

Full disclosure

Survey attempts to capture the effects of recent “comply or explain” legislation

A more transparent industry

New legislation requires public disclosure of payments to governments


Dispatcher Hexagon Jmine ops

Automated supervision

Fleet management systems are vital for the monitoring and deployment of the vehicles used on site to optimize open pits. The challenge now is how to integrate, analyze and store the vast amount of data collected in the process



Crafting the next generation of NSR agreements in Quebec


Implementation of 2014 CIM Definition Standards


Forget high-tech, think right-tech

Mining Lore

In hot water

Robert Fitzsimmons pioneered fundamental oil sands technology at Bitumount

Tools of the Trade

The best in new technology


Editor's letter

Innovation by the barrel

President's notes

Hang tough.

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