September 2014

The community has spoken

Findings from CIM's strategic outreach initiative

By Tom DiNardo | Infographic by Maria Olaguera

To set priorities for CIM for the next five years, CIM reached out to members and other industry stakeholders for direction. This process, which ran between August 2013 and May of this year, included an in­teractive online survey, five cross-country roundtable discussions, webinars with CIM district and society executives, the development of a strategic framework, and a leadership congress at this year’s CIM convention. To support us in our endeavor, CIM engaged the services of Hill+Knowlton Strategies, a consulting firm with expertise in strategic outreach. The following summarizes some of the highlights from the findings.

Strategic_outreach_PEOPLE1,148 CIM members and stakeholders completed a comprehensive online Choicebook™ survey. Of those, 66 percent were CIM members, 20 per cent were from overseas and 22 per cent were non-members.


Respondents were asked to provide feedback on a wide range of activities and initiatives, which were grouped into CIM’s primary service areas. These are presented below and ranked in order of importance according to survey respondents, along with a sampling of some of the key findings.



Building on the results of the online survey, CIM consulted with industry leaders in a series of five cross-country round tables and with CIM district and society executives in two separate webinars. Informed by the findings from the previous three phases of outreach and consultation, a strategic framework and logic model were generated identifying six future goals. These goals served as the basis of the final stage of consultation with CIM and industry leaders during a Leadership Congress, which took place in conjunction with the CIM Convention 2014 in Vancouver. The six goals and some of the suggested activities that developed from that consultation were:



In the coming months CIM will be focusing the findings in the formulation of a five-year Strategic Action Plan that will identify objectives, activities and priorities as well as determine measures of success. These activities will help inform the budgetary priorities for 2015. 

We acknowledge that enhancing the level of engagement with CIM and between its constituents needs to be a strong focus for us collectively going forward. With our sights firmly trained on creating a CIM that will remain relevant far into the future, we are excited and poised to embrace new challenges as we continue to respond to the evolving needs of our  members, stakeholders and the industry we serve and live up to our mandate as “The Community for Leading Industry Expertise.”

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