Inside the October 2014 issue

Special Report: China

Shipment of modules

Tiptoeing into the big leagues

Manufacturing in China is economically competitive but must overcome stigma
Keith Spence

Exchange rate

China insider and mining investment mastermind Keith Spence on how that country went from an investee to investor
Lu Jing

Inside the Chinese Green Mining standard

The Fankou mine has undergone major changes in recent years
Eldorado Jinfeng processing plant

Keep the gold bugs happy

Eldorado’s Jinfeng operation uses the BIOX process to liberate gold from its refractory ore



Lincang, China



Industry at a glance


Transforming wind into fuel

Glencore to install hydrogen fuel-cell storage system at Raglan mine
News_Workshop_Sept 27_2010_IBA_Toolkit

Fall debut for updated IBA Community Toolkit

Whitehorse workshop sheds light on Yukon First Nations’ agreements with mining companies

Collaborative response

B.C. government and First Nations team up to tackle the aftermath of the Mt. Polley tailings breach



Have your technical reports timed out?


The business case for open innovation

Community Relations

Responsible investment: the reward of managing social risk

Technology: Equipment monitoring


The direct approach

While few mine sites in Canada have adapted the technology, gearless drives meet the need for efficiency and increasing volume in today’s mines

Upfront: Copper & Zinc


Reclamation on solid ground

How a former jarosite pond and a man-made wetland brought nature back to Glencore’s Kidd Metsite

Copper Mountain’s mission impossible

Ore variability drives crushing capacity to extremes

Channelling the future

Economist Patricia Mohr says a copper price rebound will take years but zinc is heating up

CIM Community

CIM news from Canada and beyond

Mining Lore

Tools of the Trade

The best in new technology


Editor's letter

Approach with caution

President's notes

A developing partnership

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