November 2014

The best in new technology

Compiled by Kelsey Rolfe and Chris Balcom

◢ Winter work wear

RESIZE THIS Honeywell Parka Bib PantsWhen working in frigid conditions, it can be hard to keep miners warm, dry, highly visible and protected while providing the mobility they need to do their jobs effectively. Yet that is what Honeywell Safety Products accomplished with the launch of its new cold conditions fire-retardant apparel line: the TNV Series (reflective, inherent, vapour-barrier). The parka, pants and optional snap-on hood combine inherent fire-retardant fabric, cold-resistant insulation, highly visible reflective trim and a water-repellent coating. The outerwear also features a flexible elastic waistband and ergonomic “action back” design to ensure that workers are mobile, comfortable and productive. Honeywell also made a point of using the most efficient insulation possible in order to cut down on bulk. The apparel will keep workers warm and comfortable in up to -35 C degree weather, but Roger Paquette, senior product manager at Honeywell, said this figure assumes someone is wearing standard clothing underneath such as a cotton shirt and jeans. “Clothing does not generate heat, the body generates heat,” he explained. Therefore, if someone was moving around a lot and wearing thermal underwear, the apparel could keep them warm in temperatures as cold as -40 C.

◢ A flexible fix

GET flexy Screen matScreening is a crucial method of separating particle sizes during mineral processing. Yet Cristian Annoni, marketing and sales director at Eurogomma, argues that the screening process is often far more inefficient than it should be. For instance, while pegging and blinding of panel apertures is a widely recognized problem, Annoni points out that many companies still face difficulty addressing the issue in a cost-effective, efficient manner. In the interest of creating an easy-to-adopt solution, Eurogomma launched GET flexy, a polyurethane elastic panel that can be fastened to existing screen decks of any size. “It offers a very elastic, flexible surface, instead of the standard rigid screen panels, for every kind of screen deck,” he said. As the screen vibrates, the elastic effect allows the screen apertures to release material more easily. The mat is designed to work effectively with both hard and soft material, and is easily customizable to fit different kinds of screening units and dimensions, providing the efficiency of a more elastic panel without requiring a massive overhaul of existing equipment.

◢ Nocturnal eyesight

FLIR PathfindIR  In dark and dusty conditions at mine sites, it can be difficult for drivers operating heavy machinery to see people or animals walking in the path of the vehicle, which can result in accidents or fatalities. To help prevent this, FLIR Systems released its PathFindIR II, which uses thermal night vision to detect humans or animals ahead and alerts the driver to their presence on an in-cab display system. “It really does add an extra sense, extra range and awareness,” said Paul Clayton, FLIR’s director of automotive products. “It’s amazing how many people are outside [the illumination range] of the headlights in the dark, and are potentially going to cross in front of you.” The camera, which is typically mounted to a vehicle’s front grill, has a 24-degree horizontal field of view and, because it detects heat rather than light, you can see up to four times farther down the road than you can with regular headlight beams. When a person or animal comes into the camera’s field of view, the form is highlighted by a bright yellow warning box on the in-cab display to catch the driver’s attention. Clayton said FLIR is planning to release a buzzer indicator as a separate unit in the next few months. 

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