November 2014

Editor's letter

Call and response

By Ryan Bergen

Ryan Bergen It is practice at CIM Magazine to conduct a reader survey every other year to help our advertising representatives and editorial team learn more about who our readers are as well as their professional needs and ambitions. While framing questions to get information on the profile of our readers is relatively straightforward, drafting those that explore the relationship between the reader and the publication are more problematic: If we focus on the specifics of the magazine and ask, for example, “What section of the magazine do you prefer?”, we forget that only a handful of people know the publication well enough to name their favourite section, and likely most of them work in CIM’s publications department. The broader the survey questions become, the easier it is for respondents to engage with them, but the connection with the actual publication is less direct. With this year’s questionnaire we opted for the latter approach to be sure we captured what preoccupies and animates our readers. Your response: innovation, technology uptake and a focus on operations.

We appreciate that many of you took the time to complete the survey, and we will do our best to provide you with the information you require. A summary of the survey results are in the Community section. While it may be true that some who participated were drawn in by the possibility of a prize, the comments that many respondents volunteered tell me that far more of you have a genuine appetite for insight and information about the mining and metallurgical industries and a desire to help CIM Magazine provide the best stories for you. I tip my hat to those who took the time to leave commentary on how we might improve the editorial.

The suggestions ranged from the precise (“more topics on valves”) to the existential (“the industry is ‘under siege’ and we have no tools, i.e. knowledge of history, by which to defend our livelihoods”). There was, however, a clear and repeated call for more coverage of mineral processing and metallurgy, which we will respond to in our 2015 editorial line up. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our next issue which will feature a series of stories devoted to metallurgy.

Thanks again for the feedback.

Ryan Bergen

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