June/July 2014

Innovation Showcase

Isis Geomatics

Isis Geomatics  Isis Geomatics utilizes the latest in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and RTK survey equipment to provide stunning, high-definition imagery and high resolution quantity surveys for the mining industry and municipalities.  Class leading 3D and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software provide unmatched accuracy and detail with a typical data resolution for both imagery and digital surface models (DSMs) of 3.5cm.  This means that there is continuous elevation data for the entire survey area, with precise elevation readings every 3.5cm, allowing observation of even the most subtle and minute changes in topography. 

The high level of accuracy that Isis delivers translates into more accurate volume calculations, contour mapping, and 3D point clouds. In fact, testing has shown the Isis method delivers a 3-5% increase in data accuracy compared with traditional GPS surveys, allowing clients to be confident that they are receiving the highest quality data available. 

Please visit www.isisgeo.com for more.

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