Inside the Dec '14/Jan '15 issue

Technology: Lubricants

Mining equipment in arctic environment

Keeping up with workflow

As projects ramp up in Northern Canada, lube manufacturers must re-examine their products to accommodate the arctic conditions with additives and synthetic options


Mining camp

Industry at a glance

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa

Regulatory review

Changes in mining legislation around the world
Adrienne Baker

Winds of change blow for renewables

Alternative energy sources are playing a larger role in miners’ strategies
Pointe-Noire, Quebec

Quebec’s Plan Nord 2.0

The provincial government moves forward with its revamped northern development program

Upfront: Metallurgy

Hazen demonstration plant

Ironstone and Hatch develop metallurgical key

New chloride segregation process could open up oolitic iron reserves around the world
Michael Agnew

Step change vs. operational excellence

Metallurgy debate hopes to spark wider discussion
Process engineer Ashwin Gupta

Processing refractory ores gets easier with new equipment

KPM develops two-inch fluid bed roaster
Terry McNulty

Equal parts innovation and risk management

Terry McNulty has had a meteoric impact on the minerals processing industry



Polkowice, Poland



Where did all the gold money go?

Renewable Energy

Financial innovation on renewables


The safety to speak out

CIM Community

CIM news from Canada and beyond


Mining Lore

Gerald Priest and George Esterer

The Elsa silver heist

A daring mining theft in a small Yukon town

Tools of the Trade

The best in new technology


Editor's letter

The year ahead

President's notes

Don’t bet against commodity prices

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