Inside the September issue


Mark Cutifani

Industry at a glance

Calgary flood

Surviving the flood

Oil sands companies adapt to avoid heavy impacts on production

Deficient disclosure

Securities commissions take companies to task for non-compliance

MiHR program certifies 500th miner

Canadian Mining Certification program secures footing
Giant Mine

One Giant mess

Feds told to find permanent solution for Giant mine cleanup

CIM Community


Hide and go geocaching

Technology and history intersect for students at CIM’s Harricana Branch event

Participation is a priority

President Bob Schafer wants membership to help define CIM

CIM’s fall lineup

Maintenance, safety and metallurgy round out the 2013 conference schedule


MAC Economic Commentary

Miners put energy into renewable power

HR Outlook

Managing the cycle through workforce planning


Changes to Fisheries Act put miners in unfamiliar waters


Rationing capital in challenging times


Energy checkups can uncover big savings

Project Profile


Into the wind

Rio Tinto is putting the Arctic wind to work at its Diavik diamond mine in the Northwest Territories

Upfront: Logistics


New path for ancient culture

Meadowbank and Inuit workers adapt to each other’s needs

Putting people and tools in place

Cyanokit creates training obstacles for Canadian gold miners

Arctic ambitions

Complex logistics built into Raglan’s development

Talking tin

Hart Mailandt says the aviation business is taking off in the oil sands

Technology: Pumps and Piping


Past the airy nothings

Finer grinding and tenacious froths are pushing pump manufacturers to redesign and reinforce the best practices in efficient froth pumping

Tools of the Trade

The best in new technology


Editor's letter

Take a side

President's notes

Canadian mining is about more than just mining

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