Special Report: Brazil

Already one of the world’s mining superpowers, Brazil has massive undeveloped potential. Modern explorers are still working over hundreds of former artisanal mine sites, and the country’s economy continues to pick up steam. But Canadians looking into doing business there should be wary of regulatory snarls and a business culture with its own particular rules.



. Who does what in Brazil? By Bruno Dubois

On the tip of the iceberg

Brazil is demanding on explorers, but potential rewards are huge. By Antoine Dion-Ortega

Opinion: Probable changes to Brazilian mining and royalty legislation

Legal revisions have been years in the making. By Carlos Vilhena

Tip-toeing around taxes

Canadian suppliers must deliver unique products to access the Brazilian market . By Correy Baldwin

From broke to booming

Luna Gold improves its fortunes by reworking how it operates its Aurizona mine. By Virginia Heffernan

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