February 2013

Editor's letter

Growing plans

By Ryan Bergen

This issue represents the beginning of another editorial cycle for CIM Magazine. Some things have changed: former editor-in-chief Angela Hamlyn is now channelling her enviable talents to the role of director of communications, while I take on the responsibilities of the magazine; we have added the Technology section, highlighting innovations and novel applications in a specific field; and in 2013 we will publish nine issues, dividing the September/October issue into two distinct editions. The February issue also marks a return. Andrea Nichiporuk, a 16-year CIM veteran has, after a year of maternity leave, taken the job of managing editor, and has been quick to flex both her organizational and managerial muscles. For evidence, I direct you to the finely tuned preliminary program for the 2013 CIM Convention on page 65.

In anticipation of the annual PDAC convention, we put special focus on the exploration and development sector with our feature story, “The incentive to explore,” in which Dan Zlotnikov looks at the technical and regulatory initiatives that are, or could be, catalysts for exploration. In our new Technology section, Zoë Macintosh investigates the developments in geophysics and geochemistry that are helping the industry more accurately target economic mineral deposits in her story, “Deeper understanding.” As well, we have a pair of stories that examines the evolving courtship ritual between juniors and investors certain to be on display at PDAC 2013 in March.

Our Upfront section centres on the twilight of mine life and features an interview with Jack Caldwell, a mining blogger, tailings expert and opera aficionado. Within an industry that is still struggling to find its voice, this consulting engineer is an accomplished tenor.

When I began writing for CIM Magazine, I had no mining background, but Angela provided an encouraging word, helped point me in the right direction and kept sending stories my way. Four years later, though our job descriptions have changed, the ethic is essentially the same. However now, it is you, fine readers, who I trust will keep sending the stories our way.

Ryan Bergen

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