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CIM membership helps drive community involvement, maximize industry knowledge and global exposure

By Dinah Zeldin

There are many reasons to join a network. Whether you are seeking to build industry knowledge, enhance your professional profile or raise your company’s visibility, belonging to CIM’s dynamic and influential community provides a wealth of benefits.

Renowned for its promotion of knowledge and expertise, CIM offers multiple membership opportunities with different levels of engagement to meet your key business needs and professional goals.

Develop your network

Individual Branch Membership

• Increase your level of engagement by joining one or more of CIM’s 39 dynamic branches.

• Strengthen your local business network by establishing connections with industry in your area of operation through regular branch meetings.

• Explore new business opportunities by forging ties with members of the mining and minerals community.

• Share your expertise with peers and students to help build a stronger, more informed industry.

• Access a full listing of CIM members through our annual Membership Directory.

• Stay up to date on industry trends by receiving the December–January Outlook issue of CIM Magazine and our bi-weekly e-news updates.

Enhance your professional development

Individual National Membership

• Advance your career by accessing technical information, industry contacts and professional development opportunities and programs.

• Stay current and receive all nine issues of CIM Magazine and biweekly CIM e-news updates.

• Enrich your technical knowledge with all four issues of our peer-reviewed journal and be eligible for discounts on other publications, including our technical papers and books.

• Connect with key contacts working in your field of expertise, exchange ideas and attend thought-provoking presentations by joining one of CIM’s 10 technical societies.

• Strengthen the industry by presenting papers at conferences, submitting technical papers, working on committees, and more.

• Be recognized for your contributions to the industry through the coveted CIM Awards.

Student Membership

Students receive almost all of the same benefits as an individual national member (online access to CIM Journal available only). CIM supports the next generation of industry leaders by offering free student membership and a multitude of scholarship opportunities.

Cyber membership

Designed for professionals residing outside of North America, a cyber membership provides the same benefits as an individual national member (online access to publications only).

Raise your company visibility

Corporate Membership

• Enhance your global visibility and be recognized as a leader at world-class industry events.

• Shape the future of the industry by supporting CIM outreach initiatives and programs.

• Build a stronger workforce and promote your employees’ professional growth.

• Be featured in our annual Membership Directory, in which your company profile, logo and contact details will be prominent – both in print and online.

• Get a hot spot on our tradeshow floor by receiving priority booth placement at the annual CIM Convention.

• Appoint a corporate representative to enjoy all of the benefits of an individual membership.

CIM is the foremost voice for the advancement of leading industry expertise and promotion of best practices – both in Canada and worldwide. Drawing upon its rich heritage, CIM plays an integral role in shaping the mining industry through its extensive global network of technical experts and its endorsement of sustainable mining practices.

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