March/April 2012

President's notes

Leadership development in action

By Chuck Edwards

I am pleased to tell you the CIM Leadership Development Pro- gram was successfully launched in Toronto in February with a three- day workshop for our first nine mining industry professionals. Regular readers of this page will recall that I have written in the past about the new CIM LDP, a one-year program that brings professionals together for a series of intensive multi-day workshops and provides ongoing learning modules and dialogue with mentors and peers. The over- all objective is to help ensure that our industry is defined by leadership excellence in addition to technical excellence.

Executive development professional Rosie Steeves led the workshop. She explained the two main goals of the first session were to give the participants “some tools to help them reflect on their own leadership and start to develop an idea of where and how they needed to grow. Second, and perhaps more important, was to develop the relationships amongst the group. Ultimately, they will succeed through the work they do sup- porting and challenging each other.”

Group member Alana Kennedy reported the first session hit the mark. “I was empowered with tools to structure my leadership growth, an appreciation of different perspectives and a new way to evaluate my personal development goals.”

Her peer, Josh Nelson, said the value of the program is clear: “I am looking forward to the coming year. This program is unique in that it pro- vides a long-term support network of industry colleagues to offer support as we work to develop better leadership practices and to apply the theory we learn during the class sessions. I see this as an opportunity for mean- ingful personal and professional development.”

Steeves said she was pleased with the dynamic created by the work- shop: “The group members were able to share common experiences and clearly understood the environment each operated in, yet were unencumbered by the internal politics of their own organization.”

For those interested in participating, registration is now open for the next group, set to convene in November. To find more details, click here.

Chuck Edwards CIM President

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