Inside the June/July issue


Dominique Dionne

Resource developer

Dominique Dionne | Vice-president of Corporate Affairs at Xstrata Nickel and the first president of the Quebec Mining Association

Outside the comfort zone

Heather White | Vice-president, mining, NovaGold Resources Inc.

The standard bearer

Deborah McCombe | Executive vice-president, Roscoe Postle Associates Inc. and chairperson of the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO)

A precedent setter

Dominique Gibbens | Partner at Fasken Martineau

Skilled builder

Leanne Hall | Vice-president, human resources, Noront Resources Ltd.

Inspiring change

Anne Marie Toutant | Vice-president, oil sands optimization and integration, Suncor Energy; director, Mining Association of Canada

Defining success

Darlene Cheechoo | President, CREECO Dumas Mining

Mine rescuer

Julie Lassonde | President and CEO, Shear Diamonds Ltd.

Mining Lore

Boomtown businesswoman

The wide-ranging career of Nellie Cashman


In loving memory

Paul Stothart (May 17, 1957 – April 17, 2012)

Supply Side

CAMESE opens world to Canadian suppliers

Eye on Business

Federal government adjusts mining tax credits

HR Outlook

Industry and community collaboration helping to foster local employment opportunities


Standards for Qualified Persons: how to evaluate relevant experience

Guest Column

Plan your career (and life) from the perspective of your 90-year-old self

Project Profile

Gold stars for Hemlo

Barrick's Hemlo operation sets the pace in sustainable mining


Hunter Dickinson

Diverse tacklebox

How the “Two Bobs” shaped one of the world’s legendary mining companies
Mount Carleton

Efficiencies of (small) scale

Why New Brunswick is looking so good this year
Elkview Coal

Reliability retool

Teck’s maintenance and reliability program a journey, not a destination
Hillary Jones

Mine Training Society perseveres

Partners help avert financial crisis despite funding loss

Ballad of a “semi-working” man

Equal measures of patience and experience keep Terry MacGibbon in business


The skinny on Australia’s fat new tax

Many miners prepare to pay more for their metals

Case closed

CSR Counsellor’s decision helps clarify role

CSR is just the beginning

McGill’s Institute for the Study of International Development focuses on public-private partnerships

CIM Community

Custom fit

Specialized MBA program sets stage for future industry leaders

Cote Nord-Labrador welcomes CMP

New branch addresses iron ore region’s needs

Soar to new heights

CIM program elevates leadership skills

Teaching: the best way to learn

M4S gains momentum through student outreach

A Student Perspective

Conference a perfect chance to learn and network

Tools of the Trade


Historical Metallurgy

Metallothermic reactions (Part 2)

A short history


Editor's letter

Leadership and loss

President's notes

Staying the course

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