Dec '12/Jan '13

“Spring Hill Disaster”

Lyrics by Maurice Ruddick

The 23rd of October we'll remember that day

Down the shaft underground in our usual way

In the Cumberland Pit how the rafters crashed down

And the black hell closed round us way down in the ground

Now when the news reached our good neighbors nearby

The rescue work started their hopes were still high

But the last bit of hope like our lamps soon burned dim

In the three-foot high dungeon we joined in a hymn


In that dark, black, hole in the ground

Only God will ever know all that happened down there

How we watched Percy Rector die gasping a prayer

And young Clarke had his birthday he thought in his grave

After days of cruel torture we'd no hopes to be saved

We sang all together though racked through with pain

When they broke through we knew that our prayers weren't in vain

I crawled through the tunnel they helped me along

I said give me some water and I'll sing you a song


Of that dark, black, hole in the ground

I'll sing you a song of the bravest of men

Of those who remained to go digging again

To bring the coal up from ten thousand feet deep

And the others who stayed there forever to sleep

Oh be thankful you fellows brought back from the dead

And pray for your friends who have gone on ahead

And you boys up in heaven as you look on down

Don't forget to remember Springhill mining town


And that dark, black, hole in the ground...

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