CIM Community

In the driver’s seat

CIM leads Canadian mining industry development in West Africa. By Correy Baldwin

Building a united front

Innovations in Mining 2013 – Latin America highlights importance of collaboration. By Dinah Zeldin

CSR done right

Selwyn Blaylock Medal winner Stephen Quin takes community interests to heart. By Dan Plouffe

Reaching out

CIM Edmonton Branch builds local ties with students. By Krystyna Lagowski

Bigger is better

CIM Montreal Branch joins CMMF funds pool. By Dinah Zeldin

Time to take control

Philip Thwaites sheds light on importance of automation in process control. By Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco

Creating the mindset for operational excellence

MSGC helps develop global mining standards and best practices. By Heather Ednie

What makes students tick?

CMMF scholarship winners reveal what fuels their passion for mining. By Lynn Elizabeth Moore

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