August 2012

Reader survey results

A valuable source of information

By CIM Staff


Magazines are still the go-to source for relevant information, and, within the industry, CIM Magazine is a vital resource, according to the 2012 CIM Magazine Reader Survey. Eighty-eight per cent of respondents list magazines as their source for mining news, 15 per cent more than online news sites and 30 per cent more than newspapers. Nearly nine of every 10 respondents find CIM Magazine’s content a valuable source of information.

Hot commodity


CIM Magazine is a useful tool for mining industry professionals: 75 per cent of respondents report the content is relevant to their profession. It is also more than a source of information: it is an enjoyable read. Nearly two-thirds of those who took the survey say they look forward to reading each issue. Once they finish reading, respondents report passing the magazine on to colleagues or peers: on average, more than two people read each copy of the magazine. According to respondents, most read every issue of CIM Magazine, and 54 per cent report reading more than half of the issue. Our readers are dedicated professionals, who prioritize keeping up-to-date on industry news and value the editorial insights we provide.

An active readership

Whether it is through interaction with professional peers, through print, or via the internet, CIM Magazine readers are looking for ways to learn about the industry and stay abreast of recent developments. Respondents report being engaged in technical training and continuing education programs, and play an active role in the industry by attending conferences, reading newsletters, and interacting with peers on Linked In. Our readers are not just picking up the magazine to read about the industry, they are also using it to zero in on online and educational resources, share ideas with colleagues and find out about industry events.

A reusable resource

More than two-thirds of respondents report keeping the magazine for future use, and 65 per cent report referring back to an issue of CIM Magazine one to five times per year.

While CIM Magazine readers report most interest in the “News”, “Project Profile” and “Feature” sections of the magazine, respondents also look to the magazine for technical information, commentary and entertaining stories from the rich history of mining. Other sections respondents report a high level of interest in include the “Eye on Business” column, which provides experts’ views on legal and financial matters, and the “Innovation Showcase,” which highlights new equipment and tools. When it comes to subject matter, respondents express most interest in articles about technology and innovation. The 2012 Reader Survey indicates readers want to see more coverage of mine and mill operation, mine and milling methods and mine and mill design – topics we will explore in greater depth in the future.


CIM Magazine readers lead the industry 

According to the 2012 Reader Survey, the demographics of CIM Magazine readers align with the industry as a whole: males represent 85 per cent of the audience, and most readers are highly educated, with 90 per cent holding a bachelor’s degree and 42 per cent a postgraduate degree. CIM Magazine readers are also highly specialized professionals, who hold positions of power in the industry. According to the 2012 Reader Survey, 24 per cent of CIM Magazine readers work in design, engineering or planning, and 27 per cent are classified as senior management.

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visit a website after reading
CIM Magazine
pass the magazine on to
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The 2012 Reader Survey also reveals CIM Magazine readers are actively engaged in technical training and continuing education programs. Respondents value opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the industry and trends, and are interested in professional development.


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