June/July 2011

Editor's letter

An energized community

By Angela Hamlyn

Angela Hamlyn
Evidence of the robustness of the mining and minerals industry was palpable at the recent CIM Conference & Exhibition in Montreal this past May. From the bustling floor of the largest trade show in CIM’s history to the record-breaking contingent of delegates attending packed rooms at an eight-stream technical program, it was apparent that individuals and organizations were keen on acquiring and sharing the best technologies, techniques, processes and practices the industry has to offer. And, a greater number of those attending came from international mining jurisdictions in search of the highly coveted expertise and products that Canada has to offer.

Although the topics covered over the course of the three-day event were extremely diverse, at their centre they all turned on the critical challenge for mining in the 21st century: how do we mine more, with greater efficiency and safety, and with the utmost regard for social and environmental responsibility?

This represents a tall order, to be sure, but one that the Canadian mining industry is equipped to meet, as you will see throughout the editorial in this issue. In the feature story “Exploring the Limits,” regular CIM Magazine contributor Eavan Moore looks at how operators and suppliers are collaborating to access and extract challenging deposits safely and efficiently. From confronting heat and rockburst issues at the 2,800-metre-deep shaft at Xstrata Copper’s Kidd Mine to accessing ore bodies on the ocean floor, ingenuity and partnership are advancing the frontiers of mining.

Copper shines brightly this issue – as the latest installment of the recently minted commodity focus, as well as the impetus behind the Copper Mountain Mine, which we feature in our mine profile.

Be sure to check out editor Ryan Bergen’s Q&A with Tim Skinner. The information systems specialist throws down a challenge to mine operators: take ownership of your technology and the critical data generated by it.

On a final note, I would like to extend a hearty welcome to our new CIM president, Chuck Edwards. Chuck was instrumental in the conception and realization of the peer-reviewed CIM Journal, introduced last year. We look forward to him bringing that same tenacity to CIM towards the exchange of high-quality technical expertise, furthering CIM’s mandate as a community for leading expertise.

Angela Hamlyn,

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