November 2010

President's notes

Poised for growth

By Chris Twigge-Molecy

This fall, the successful rescue of the miners trapped in a San Jose mine put mining and drilling in an enormously positive light globally for a change. Canadian companies were key to the rescue, with Cementation Canada, Precision Drilling and Atco all prominent at the site.

The practices of Cementation Canada also held the spotlight at the recent CIM New Brunswick Branch Annual Convention, where the company showcased its role in the successful rescue efforts, including the development of an innovative raise boring head. We should take this opportunity to pat ourselves on the back and recognize that in safety, mine rescue and the broader area of corporate social responsibility, this country’s best companies are global leaders.

Switching now to global markets, China’s voracious appetite for minerals persists. The immediate impact has been very positive for mine development across Canada, and British Columbia in particular, the main focus of this issue. It is gratifying to see a robust pipeline of projects returning to a province with such a rich mining heritage.

This fall, CIM hosted a pair of major events, the Conference of Metallurgists in Vancouver and the MEMO Conference in Sudbury, which focused on the mining side of our activities. As always, safety and maintenance were a major part of this exciting and very successful conference.

At the CIM national office, I’m delighted to report that, due to the hard work of the staff, the move to new facilities has gone very smoothly and that the first elements of our new IT infrastructure, the new Exhibition Management Module, were successfully implemented in August.

The other good news for the future is that we currently have over 1,800 students as members. This includes over 100 from the new student chapter at Queen’s University. Let’s engage them all and support their transition from students to active contributors to our industry.

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate the team, led by the Canadian Mineral Processors, who secured the International Mineral Processing Conference for Canada in 2016, a major coup to bring it back to this country for the first time in nearly 30 years.

Chris Twigge-Molecy, CIM President

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