May 2010

Editor's letter

Building on strong foundations

By A. Hamlyn

Angela Hamlyn

“Vancouver 2010.” This phrase evokes powerful sensations of pride for most Canadians. At the recent Olympic Winter Games, Canada demonstrated its great leadership potential — both on the athletes’ podiums and on the world stage. For many CIMers, “Vancouver 2010” has also held an additional connotation, as it is to be the venue for the CIM Conference and Exhibition 2010. The location seems particularly fitting, as never before has there existed such a golden opportunity for the Canadian minerals industry to demonstrate its global leadership role.

In this issue of CIM Magazine, we have taken the theme of this year’s conference, “Mining — our foundation for a better world,” both literally and figuratively.

In the literal sense, we take a look at two foundational components of our industry — the aggregates sector and haul road infrastructure. When we were determining the editorial lineup almost a year ago, the industry was suffering the effects of a global recession. Federal stimulus spending on infrastructure was one of the few sources of optimism. We therefore decided that this spring would be a good time to review the impact these initiatives have had on the aggregates industry. Read what Canadian aggregate suppliers had to say about current conditions and concerns in Eavan Moore’s feature article, “An eye for detail.”

Meanwhile, in “Making the grade,” Heather Ednie explores the ins and outs of the haul road programs of some of Canada’s most industrious operators, including Syncrude Canada Ltd., Teck Coal and the Iron Ore Company of Canada. As she discovers, the very well-being of an operation can hinge on the quality of its roadways.

In the more metaphorical sense, we also take a look at the leadership role that Canadian operators are taking in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). In her feature “CSR grows up,” correspondent Gillian Woodford speaks to mining industry and civil society representatives to gauge their views on where the industry is on the CSR front. Despite differing views, there seems to be strong consensus on the need for partnerships in the pursuit of sustained economic and social development.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to our outgoing CIM president, Michael Allan. It has been a pleasure working with you this past year and your support of CIM Magazine has been greatly appreciated. To incoming CIM president Chris Twigge-Molecy, I would like to say that we look forward to a year of exciting new initiatives as we continue to build inroads in new directions.

Angela Hamlyn,

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