March/April 2010

Editor's letter

By A. Hamlyn

Angela Hamlyn

“Teaching is the highest form of understanding.” ~ Aristotle

I have to admit to having a bit of a soft spot for potash. Sounds peculiar, I know, but one of the very first assignments I undertook when I joined CIM Magazine almost two-and-a-half years ago was writing a profile of Potash Corporation’s Picadilly operation in New Brunswick. A virtual neophyte to the world of mining, I admit that I was quite surprised to discover that this potasium-rich material offers so much promise for the world’s food supply.

Like so many others in the general public, before joining CIM, my primary source of information about mining was the media, which doesn’t always do the best job at giving a full or balanced portrayal of our industry. However, I do not think that this always reflects a bias on their part, but rather speaks to the complexity of the issues and to the fact that each commodity that we extract has its unique characteristics and challenges.

Part of what we need to do, as an industry, is to educate ourselves and others about the benefits that mining brings to society. Understanding that our industry is vast — to put it mildly — and that few can be experts in everything, one of our primary objectives at CIM Magazine is to bring you the latest information, innovations and discourse about the issues that impact our industry.

In this edition, we present a special focus on potash and uranium: two commodities that offer great promise on the sustainability front. Uranium — which has long been the industry “poster child” for political sensitivity — is now garnering great interest as an alternative energy source in supporting efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In our two feature articles, industry representatives, analysts and academics offer their views on the short- and long-term prospects for these two high-profile commodities. Also, read about The Mosaic Company’s expansion plans in Saskatchewan, as the world’s largest potash mine near Esterhazy readies itself to reach new record-setting production levels. Our Upfront Q&A offers a candid and informative conversation with Jerry Grandey, president and CEO of Cameco Corporation.

The people who power our industry are, by and large, high achievers when it comes to their thirst for knowledge and the pursuit of excellence — both in their careers and as good global citizens. In this issue, we provide an overview of the various continuing professional development requirements and outline some of the many opportunities CIM offers its members for acquiring them.

As a community for leading industry expertise, CIM is very proud of its contribution towards fostering and furthering knowledge about this colossal and often complex industry. We’d like you to help us in this pursuit by bringing us your feedback on the editorial as well as your input on the issues that you would like to see covered in future editions.

Angela Hamlyn,

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