March/April 2010

CIM Journal – beyond information

Launching CIM’s new technical paper quarterly

By H. Ednie

Check your mailbox this spring and find the leading expertise for the mineral industry of the future with the arrival of the CIM Journal. The new quarterly is the reinvigorated forum for CIM peer-reviewed technical papers and will replace the annual CIM Bulletin.

“We’re making the move to publishing this way — on paper, in full colour — because people want it,” says Chuck Edwards, chair of the CIM Technical Publications Committee and CIM incoming president-elect. “People like to see their papers published. And colour is a big advantage — information is translated better through many types of images and figures. And let’s be real — it’s a definite challenge to read online from the bathtub!”

Mailed along with the CIM Magazine to control postage costs, the CIM Journal will be available to members at no cost beyond the regular membership fee. Papers will be published in French or in English, with the abstracts provided in both languages. Initially, each issue of the journal will include eight to ten papers, but should there be a higher volume of high quality papers, it will expand.

“We decided to make it a quarterly because we want to be selective,” Edwards explains. “We’re focusing on quality rather than quantity.”

As the journal launches, some CIM societies — those with more robust conferences, proceedings and journal businesses — may be more well represented. However, Edwards and the Technical Publications Committee are available to assist the publications chairs of all CIM societies to ensure the interests of their members are served with quality papers.

“The papers we publish won’t be just any old papers — they will be cutting edge, offering leading expertise,” Edwards explains. “This information will help members in their jobs. It will span across industry, not just focus on one field, to help members to bridge the gap;” hence the Journal tagline: “Beyond information — leading expertise for the mineral industries of the future.”

The roster of papers for the May edition is already set. Now is the time for authors to get their submissions in for the summer, fall and winter. An online submission system is available from the home page of the CIM website at Papers covering the diverse range of interests under the CIM umbrella are welcome — from geology and extraction to processing and beyond closure.

“This is just what CIM needs to keep its reputation as a leading technical society,” Edwards adds. “I’m really excited about it. It’s going to be a huge benefit to CIM and to its members.”

Edwards invites all members, authors and reviewers to send feedback, questions and suggestions — help build CIM Journal’s future. Contact Chuck Edwards at 306.477.1155, ext. 539 or

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