Supply Side

Keep up your marketing efforts in a struggling economy. By J. Baird

MAC Economic Commentary

Put the word out: Strategies for countering misinformation about mining. By P. Stothart

HR Outlook

Invaluable, but relatively unknown: HQP help to drive innovation. By M. Roberts


Exercising caution in the public reporting of data from handheld XRF analyzers. By C. Waldie and I. McCartney

Canadians Abroad

Around the world with mining: Not always a blast, but CSR crusader sticks to his guns. By H. Ednie

Eye on Business

Innovation pays: How mining companies can benefit from a lucrative carbon market. By F. Dagicour

Student Life

Where to start? At the beginning, of course!. By I. Farmer


The Canada Mining Innovation Council: Building bridges on the road to leading-edge research and innovation in mining. By A. Blancarte

Women in Mining

Acting on ambition: Thespian turned engineer sets stage for women managers. By H. Ednie

First Nations

A window into the future: The Cree Nation of Nemaska takes charge of its economic destiny. By J.C. Reyes

Engineering Exchange

Superheroes team up to bring Wolverine forward: Wardrop Engineering rises to the challenge. By H. Ednie


Insert article's subtitle here. By Insert article's author name here

Voices from Industry

Mining – your foundation for a better world. By S. Waller

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