Supply Side

Mining suppliers are suffering just like explorers and producers. By J. Baird

MAC Economic Commentary

The oil sands and climate change — some important considerations. By P. Stothart

First Nations

A large need for education on mining and exploration. By J. C. Reyes

HR Outlook

Coal mining employment: A socioeconomic and geographical position. By J.P. Chabot

Eye on Business

Some implications of the U.S. climate change legislation for oil sands producers. By R.G. Powers and A.E. Derksen

Student Life

A summer to remember: A first-year student’s perspective. By R. Veitch

Engineering Exchange

A multi-disciplinary design: Creating a long-term, sustainable lake from scratch takes good communication and a multi-teamed approach. By M. Eisner


The centenary of Proved and Probable Reserves. By E. Sides


Rare and well-done: Sheerness mine captures the John T. Ryan Trophy. By R. Bergen

Canadians Abroad

You have to be a little bit crazy…. By R. Andrews


Bringing science to an art: An Officer of the Order of Canada has spearheaded innovation in oil sands processing through cutting-edge collaborative research. By M. Kerawala and G. Winkel


Insert article's subtitle here. By Insert article's author name here

Mining Lore

Digging in for a fight – Industry slump fuelled Cape Breton clashes. By R. Bergen

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