May 2009

Editor's letter

A nation of innovators

By H. Ednie

I am Canadian. Proudly! Though I wear many labels, that is one I feel most strongly about.

There are plenty of reasons to be proudly Canadian, and this issue tells that story. The minerals industry is a shining example of how our fellow Canucks have built a strong reputation globally. As positive leaders. As innovative thinkers. As responsible operators. We can be confident of what we do, and of the people who came before us.

Canadians have long been leaders in the global minerals industry, and as a group, we’re committed to maintaining that leadership. The Canada Mining Innovation Council (see interview with ADM Stephen Lucas, p. 32) will bring industry, government and academia together to achieve that goal.

We’re a nation of innovators. Canadians have driven the industry’s leadership in corporate social responsibility. Globally, Canadian mining companies have set the bar when it comes to community involvement and responsible practices. Barrick and IAMGOLD are but two of the many companies improving conditions for local communities worldwide. Some of their stories are shared in this month’s feature article, Canada’s Global Impact, on page 37.

Going forward, we have what it takes to maintain our country’s international reputation and to ensure continued success of our operations. We have the right people to make it happen. The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, makes it clear in her editorial on page 90.  I can’t wait to see the market recovery unfold, and to witness the further developments that will arise, developments I know will be driven in great part by my fellow Canadians.

Heather Ednie

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