June/July 2009

CIM Montreal Branch gets energized

CIM Distinguished Lecturer Gord Winkel delivers on innovation

By R. Pillo


Gord Winkel (left) and CIM Montreal Branch Chair Richard Simon

On March 17, CIM Montreal Branch hosted CIM Distinguished Lecturer Gord Winkel at the McGill University Faculty Club. His engaging presentation, “The Innovative Imperative,” explored the history and trends in innovative mining practices and achievements. The interactive “true or false” session took the audience on a fact-finding mission and addressed society’s expectations from the mining industry. Both students and industry representatives were captivated as Winkel discussed the importance of implementing a culture of innovation through responsible leadership.

Nurturing a vibrant environment that engages talented people to drive innovative products and processes that create extraordinary value will strengthen a mining company and propel it forward, Winkel averred. Principled leaders make employees feel like they are at the very heart of things — everyone feels that he or she is making a difference to the success of the organization. When people feel that they matter, it gives their work meaning. Innovation leadership is an imperative towards a successful mining business.

As a member of the Kearl Oils Sands Project Management team for Imperial Oil/Exxon Mobil, Winkel manages the integration of associated technologies, while developing experience with Exxon Mobil’s global management systems. He also is chair of the Canada Mining Innovation Council, which seeks to establish Canada as a global leader in the mining industry through leading-edge research and innovation.

Winkel left an indelible mark on the crowd and inspired innovative thinking in those who might one day lead the global mining business towards higher standards and cutting-edge developments.

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