Dec '09/Jan '10

President's notes

CIM – A community for leading industry expertise

By M. J. Allan

What a difference a year makes. Our outlook on the future always seems to be tempered by the situation we are in at the moment. This certainly bears true heading into 2010 as, collectively, we have a much rosier view of the world than we did a year ago.

The period from late 2008 and well into 2009 was a challenging one for the mining industry and the world economy overall. However, we survived and things are looking brighter again. This has brought  back some of the challenges that we were dealing with before the downturn, such as the impending shortage of skilled labour. Against the backdrop of an expanding industry, the demographics have not changed and we will have to replace a lot of retirees in the next ten years.

CIM recently underwent a strategic planning process, which provided us with a new “Blueprint” to help us forge an even more relevant and productive path forward for the Institute. Through this exercise, we recognized CIM as “a community for leading industry expertise.” We believe that CIM can be a valuable asset to many more people in the industry than are currently enrolled as members. To help us move forward, we are investing in some new systems to help sustain the business, make us more competitive and provide a more relevant web site presence. Please read about the Blueprint process, our vision for the future of the Institute, and how you can be part of that change on pages 108 – 110 in this issue. 

One of the real pleasures of being CIM president is getting to see the grassroots of the industry in which we live and work. I had the pleasure of being invited to CIM Branch meetings in Kamloops and St. John’s in the last two months. The Newfoundland Branch meeting, an annual event jointly sponsored by the Newfoundland and Labrador Natural Resources Ministry and the CIM Newfoundland Branch, is one of the best organized regional meetings I have been to. This year, it included a “mini” Mining in Society show — a first at the branch level. This collaboration between industry and government is commendable and one I believe should  serve as a model for other jurisdictions to follow.

Michael J. Allan, CIM President

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