MAC Economic Commentary

Raw materials protectionism: An interesting and growing trade policy issue. By P. Stothart

HR Outlook

The time to act is now: Securing manpower in an aging industry. By S. Polowin

Supply Side

Why CSR in the mining industry matters to suppliers. By J. Baird


What’s your method? Selecting an appropriate commodity price. By C. Waldie

Eye on Business

Investing in Canada: Implications of recent amendments to the Competition Act and Investment Canada Act. By C. Brown


Managing heat stress: Collaboration benefits the mining industry. By S. Hardcastle and G. Kenny

Women in Mining

Meet Miss Hollywood: A grandmother with heavy equipment operation in her blood. By H. Ednie

First Nations

Traditional knowledge matters. By J. C. Reyes

Engineering Exchange

Cover systems for reactive mine waste. By H. Ednie

Student Life

Rising stars of the mining industry: CMMF scholarships awarded. By M. Eisner

Voices from Industry

Canada’s role and responsibility on the international stage. By G. Peeling

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