Sept/Oct 2008

Rendezvous by the lake

The Mining Society of Nova Scotia’s 121st Annual General Meeting


Top: Outgoing president Dan MacDonald pins President’s Medal on in-coming president Gordon Dickie. Bottom: President Gordon Dickie pins the Past President’s Medal on Dan MacDonald.

The Mining Society of Nova Scotia held its 121st annual general meeting from June 12 to 13, 2008 at the Inverary Resort on the shores of the beautiful Bras d’Or lakes in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The theme for the meeting was “Atlantic Canada’s Resources – Supporting a Sustainable Future,” which was the focus of a series of presentations directed by Bob MacDonald, the technical chairman of the event.

Prominent speakers at the AGM included the Honourable David Morse, Minister of Natural Resources of the Government of Nova Scotia, and CIM executive director Jean Vavrek. The meeting was chaired by Dan MacDonald, president of the MSNS. After the Council was appointed for the year 2008-2009, secretary-treasurer George Sigut presented the Annual Financial Report and John Amirault reported on the Fletcher Fairbault Memorial Fund. Before the technical presentations began, a minute’s silence was observed in honour of the late Kevin Beaton, a dedicated member who had passed away during the year.

The first day’s technical program featured five presentations that provided insights into the latest developments in the engineering, economics and ecology of Nova Scotia’s resources industry. Presentation abstracts were compiled in a booklet that was given to all participants upon registration.

The highlight of the AGM was the presentation ceremony, conducted at a banquet that evening. The CIM Fellowship Award was conferred posthumously on Kevin Beaton, whose wife, Jayne Beaton received the award. Centennial Scholarship Medals were awarded to the university students Julia King, Adam Ostridge and Kara-Lynn Scallion. John Campbell won the Mining Society Medal and Sam Schwartz received the President’s Citation. Other honourees included William Mundle and James Randall. Ross McCurdy, president of the Cape Breton Development Corporation, enlightened the gathering on the Devco Legacy Program.

The next day’s technical program, chaired in parts by Gordon Dickie and Bob MacDonald, was organized under two themes: “New Operations: Creating Wealth in Atlantic Canada” and “Engaging the Stakeholders and Regulators.” Under the first theme, overviews of six significant new projects and developments were presented. The second theme included three separate presentations on the challenges of communication and community engagement that the industry often faces. Closing the technical presentation, a panel discussion that included the Honourable David Morse was chaired by David Forrester.

Closing the event, outgoing president Dan MacDonald pinned the President’s Medal on the lapel of his successor, Gordon Dickie. The annual general meeting concluded with a final speech and vote of thanks by Dan MacDonald.

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