November 2008

Editor's letter

Pride in the sparkling North

By H. Ednie

I was completely in awe on October 22 at the grand opening of The Nature of Diamonds, the De Beers Canada-sponsored exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum. The spectacular collection of historical and scientific information and displays, along with breath-taking jewels, will leave an impression on anyone walking through those halls. It’s fun, it’s educational…and it inspires a sense of pride in our Canadian minerals industry.

This issue of CIM Magazine mirrors that pride. Focused on the minerals activity in our territories, and featuring Canada’s world-class diamond producers, we’re proud to be sharing their stories. Operators and developers alike in the Canadian North share ties to the community that empower the industry and demonstrate its relevance to society. Mining companies have been proactive in their relationships with their stakeholders and in turn, they are welcomed and enjoy partnerships unheard of in the past.

Great companies are driven by tremendous leaders, and cultural change is effected from the top down, usually. Throughout this issue, many prominent professionals are interviewed and contribute their ideas, and a commitment to sustainability, to community relations, a clean environment and sound practices is palpable. The people participating in Canada’s northern and diamond operations know they have a terrific story to tell, and they are proud to share their communal successes.

This issue should go out to the public — it tells the story of the minerals industries’ great role in Canada. We have so many things to boast about…well, just make your way to the ROM and find out!

Heather Ednie

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