Innovation Page

Mining innovation: opening up to a world of opportunity. By M. Lipsett

Canadians Abroad

A love for his homeland, eh!. By C. Hersey

Student Life

Canadian Mining Games at UBC a success. By G. Finlay

Supply Side

Conditions and trends for Canadian firms in global markets. By J. Baird

Eye on Business

Drug testing in the mining sector: reconciling human rights and heavy equipment. By M. Denyes

MAC Economic Commentary

Celebrating a Canada-Peru free trade agreement. By P. Stothart


Feasibility study standards. By L. B. Smith

Engineering Exchange

Creating jobs in Madagascar. By H. Weldon

HR Outlook

A new “Force” for the mining industry. By M. Sturk


Health and safety in mineral exploration – the PDAC role. By B. Mercer

Voices from Industry

There is hope: students and networking initiatives. By R. Hutson

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