Inside the September/October issue


Editor's letter

High energy in coal and oil sands

President's notes

Recognizing sustainable practices


Mining in Canada

A personal history


MAC Economic Commentary

The government’s climate change and clean air plan avoids reality

Canadians Abroad

The tale of two continents

Innovation Page

Sensors for mining

HR Outlook

Virtual mentoring to address today’s skills shortage

Eye on Business

East Kootenay coal projects

Student Life

From Russia with gold

Engineering Exchange

Making things better in the oil sands: Colt Engineering

Supply Side

The state of Canada’s trade - thank God for natural resources!


Quality control reporting requirements by the mining industry

Voices from Industry

Mining’s contributions to society


Economic Geology

California gold (Part 1)

History of Mining

The evolution of shaft sinking systems (Part 2)


History of metal casting (Part 2)

Mining Lore

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