November 2007

Editor's letter

Pride of the prairies

By H. Ednie

The mining industry is an important economic contributor right across Canada. This holds true for our prairie provinces, home to a number of world-class operations spanning a variety of commodities. In Manitoba, CVRD Inco and HudBay Mining have long reaped the benefits of strong nickel and zinc orebodies, while Saskatchewan remains the world’s leading producer of uranium and potash.

This issue of CIM Magazine includes a special section on mining in Saskatchewan and Manitoba (p. 21). From major developments in uranium and potash, through a number of new projects in gold, diamonds, rare earth minerals, and more, the prairies are a mining hotbed as much as an agricultural one. A mere glimpse at the activity in these provinces is presented inside these pages.

For more in-depth information, particularly on uranium and potash production, attend the CIM Conference and Exhibition next May in Edmonton. A technical session on potash operations will cover the most interesting developments, while a full-day workshop on uranium, hosted by Cameco experts, will be complimented by a technical session on uranium operations. There is a world of activity to learn about.

There will also be a forum on health and safety at the annual conference, well worth attending. Safety is a key focus for our industry, and must always remain a priority. The pride mining companies take in their safety performance is obvious in this issue. See the articles on pages 14 and 19 for heart-felt stories about the successes of some of our leading mine rescue teams.

Safety is a priority, because the mining industry is a close-knit community. It’s the caring and open sharing across this industry that welcomes new employees, and contributes to the long, successful careers many enjoy.

Heather Ednie

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