November 2007

HVC team to the rescue

The Highland Valley Copper Mine Rescue Team demonstrated great prowess on September 18 when they were called to help save the life of an excavator operator involved in an accident at Graymont’s Pavilion quarry operations near Lillooet, British Columbia.

The operator was buried, along with his machine, at the Pavilion operations where he’d been working in an open pit when the high wall above him gave way.

The B.C. Mines Inspector called the Highland Valley Copper Mine Rescue Team, which was dispatched to Graymont at 3 p.m. At 11 p.m. that night, working together, the Graymont and Highland Valley rescue teams recovered the operator, who survived with minor injuries.

“All Teck Cominco employees join me in saluting the brave and diligent efforts of Gerry Wong, Dirk Werring, Peter Lapointe, John Brennan, Steve Hippisley, Neil Rideout, and Wes Martin,” said Pater Kukielski, executive vice president and COO of Teck Cominco, to Marketwire.

“This dramatic rescue underlines the effectiveness of our company’s safety preparations and the commitment across our industry to provide mutual support to operations and surrounding communities,” added Mike Filion, vice president, environment, health and safety, Teck Cominco. “We are proud that the Highland Valley Mine Rescue Team was able to successfully apply their training and expertise when called upon to assist.”

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