Dec '07/Jan '08

Editor's letter

Growing in the new year

By H. Ednie

An unofficial opinion poll was taken of many members of CIM Council, to determine their outlook for the commodity cycle in the coming years. Overall, the agreement seems to be that our industry will continue to enjoy high times, definitely for two more years, most likely for five more. This poll echoed findings of work done by other organizations, such as MiHR and MAC. At CIM we’re seeing the benefits of this mineral boom, and the strategy is being laid out now to enter a major growth period, to capitalize on the opportunity.

Looking towards next year, there’s a lot going on that will continue the rejuvenation of CIM and will improve our relevancy to the industry and members. It’s a great time to get involved.

A number of initiatives are underway to meet the growing needs of our industry and its people. A major web improvement project has been launched, and focus group sessions are underway to investigate new ways to serve our members. CIM has been asked to step up on some key issues, such as safety, education and innovation, and provide a venue of knowledge-sharing. The CIM Knowledge Destination project will result in the top online resource for technical knowledge related to minerals and metals, with the wealth of CIM papers — from Bulletin archives, special volumes and proceedings, and the CIM Societies’ publications and proceedings in one searchable engine.

There’s more on its way! The One-CIM strategy will mean all members, be they national or branch members, are part of CIM and its systems, and CIM will be providing services to the branches. And as we address the needs of the industry, a proactive Student Membership Program is under development, to increase student participation in CIM, improve their retention as members and draw new people to the industry.

We’re already at the end of 2007 — my, how time flies! Heading into the new year, make increasing your involvement in the future of CIM a resolution. It’s time to make a difference.

Heather Ednie

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