Dec '07/Jan '08

Northern Gateway Branch event big success

Move over David Caruso, Mine Scene Investigation is taking over

By R. Slack

Lead investigators Scott and Nat working on MSI 101

The CIM Northern Gateway Branch, in association with the North Bay Mining Association, held a unique social event on October 13. “Mine Scene Investigation (MSI) Case 102” was an interactive dinner theatre that combined live acting with video and audience participation to solve a mystery. The play was written, produced and performed by local members.

The evening focused on locating a missing person who had joined a local North Bay mining services company and had left town because of a mysterious misunderstanding. The MSI team and audience were enlisted to review the clues and help solve the mystery. The show started with a short safety video presented by Ben Dover on the proper use of rubber gloves. The group then reviewed a brief history of mining in the North Bay area through an interactive quiz, followed by a review of the local companies and the current occupations available in the industry. The lead investigators reviewed the evidence and had previously taped “investigative” interviews with local companies, which often were not helpful but were lots of fun.

A mock “crime” scene was constructed on the stage and the audience investigated the area to find clues. The table centerpieces included rubber gloves, magnifying glasses, flashlights and handcuffs (a very popular item!) to assist in the investigation. The audience was then asked to fill out a ballot indicating where they thought the missing person went and which company he joined. During dinner, the correct ballots were sorted, and after dinner the mystery was solved. The correct answers were drawn for a number of prizes.

There were 200 people in attendance. The evening helped raise money for mining-associated educational initiatives in the North Bay area and was supported by a number of local companies.

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