November 2006

Editor's letter

Mining is back in style

By H. Ednie

This issue of CIM Magazine demonstrates the renewed vigor in the Quebec mining industry. After the years of struggle, mining in Quebec is back in style, and it’s creating a wave of optimism and excitement across the province. I grew up in Quebec, and coming from an agricultural community, was acutely aware of the importance of natural resources for my province. But it wasn’t until I began working with CIM almost a decade ago that the role of minerals in the province became obvious. I’m not alone – my guess is that most people, especially in the urban centres of Montreal and Quebec City, don’t understand the importance of minerals to their community.

It’s for this very reason that efforts to increase public awareness of our industry are increasingly important, especially as the human resources needs grow. The Mining in Society show, to be held in conjunction with the CIM Conference and Exhibition in Montreal next spring, is one step towards showing the world what our industry is made of. It’s an opportunity for industry to join together and put its best face forward, to reach out and grab the attention of the youth of Quebec.

Across the province, mining communities are buzzing with renewed energy, and companies are strategizing to attract the next generation of professionals and skilled workers. I look forward to the show our industry puts on – now is the time to let everyone know their great future is with our industries.

Heather Ednie, Editor-in-chief

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