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Supply Side

How does your firm compare on issues affecting management?. By J. Baird

Mining Lore

The Atlas mine. By A. Nichiporuk

Eye on Business

Safeguarding a national treasure: Bold new strategies are needed to conserve Canada's vulnerable boreal forest. By W. Carter and B. Borland

The Innovation Page

Intelligent autonomous mining: Extractive mining by means of a robotics paradigm. By D. Bassi

HR Outlook

Role reversal: When young managers join the leadership ranks, they often find themselves dealing with entrenched workers old enough to be their parents. By P. Hébert


Insert article's subtitle here. By Insert article's author name here

Student Life

Students make the 2006 Canadian Mining Games at Queen's a success. By A. Holme

Voices from Industry

The BC advantage. By M. McPhie

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