June/July 2006

Editor's letter

Building a sound foundation

By H. Ednie

CIM has entered a new year of development and serving its members, as the new Council was approved at the AGM in May. Under the leadership of CIM President François Pelletier, 2005-06 will be a year of establishing programs and processes to adhere to and meet the goals and principles outlined in a new strategic plan announced last month.

What does this mean for CIM members?

It means CIM will, more than ever, be committed to engaging members - returning to the grassroots of the Institute and industry for a reality check. It is a focus on ensuring Canada remains a global leader in the minerals industry. It is an assurance of continuous improvement, to build CIM to be a strategic tool to assist industry’s success.

The outline of the new strategic plan is available on page 110. All CIM members are asked to read it, think about it, and send feedback to Executive Director Jean Vavrek. CIM’s success hinges on member involvement, so please do your part and help Council meet today’s needs.

The scope of possibilities for CIM is vast. All CIM societies have committed to cooperating in the process; the potential to increase services and relevancy is within our grasp. But it will take some work to bring CIM to a new level, and the coming year will be an exacting one. The more members assisting the process will lead to an increased likelihood that CIM will be meeting your needs in the coming years. Please do contact Jean Vavrek, or the chairs of the CIM societies, to volunteer your ideas and assistance.

At CIM, we’re working to build a sound foundation for the future, and it promises to be a challenging, yet exciting, year.

Heather Ednie, Editor-in-chief

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