June/July 2006

Sudbury Branch supports education

The CIM Sudbury Branch is donating $27,500 to support primary, secondary, and post-secondary institutions in the region. Primary schools will receive Penelope the Miner books, a professionally-written early literacy book which highlights the mining theme. The Rainbow District School Board will also receive electric kits for grade four classrooms, hydraulic kits for grades seven and eight, and robotic kits for grade nine. As well, donations have been made to the Lo-Ellen CIM Chemistry Lab, the Confederation Secondary Technology Class, and the Manitoulin Secondary Earth Science Course. Finally, continued support of the Lo-Ellen International Baccalaureate Program will continue throughout 2006, as the program benefits the entire community.

The Rainbow School Board is currently developing a mining course for secondary schools that will utilize various computer design programs, equipment technology, etc. The board is requesting that a CIM volunteer assist their committee with the implementation of this initiative.

Post-secondary donations consisting of bursaries and scholarships at Cambrian College, College Boreal, and Laurentian University will continue this year.

The branch has had to turn down many donation requests, as they were not related to a mining theme. The branch executive aims to avoid large short-term donations this year to ensure sufficient funds remain available for future deserving programs.

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