February 2006

Shaping a great future

CIM Council ekes out new strategic plan

By J. Vavrek

CIM is poised on the cusp of revolutionary change. At CIM, we have inherited decades of practices and culture, some of which are now outdated. More often than not, CIM constituents were left to themselves, having to focus not only on the real added-value content but also responsible for the minute details, the administrative, contractual, and clerical work. Relationships between many voices of CIM have often been non-existent, or at the very least, unclear. Now, that is going to change.

Industry is facing significant challenges and life-changing opportunities. Our human resources needs are critical, and our public image, though improving, remains poor. Meanwhile, global demand has morphed into a new era for the minerals industry, while Canada is competing in an increasingly competitive global market. Our sector and our country needs CIM to challenge itself, to step up and prepare to be around for another 100 years. Come 2098, people should look back with pride on the vision being put forward today and find motivation to go yet another 100 years. As professional, caring, and motivated individuals, we aspire to make a real difference. We can achieve this with a new CIM. What more compelling challenge or opportunity is there?

CIM is taking up the challenge of creating a new strategic plan that promises to redefine how we do business. Much has changed in CIM over the last couple years. Though many are just starting to realize this, others have seen the results and are offering encouragement for us to continue forward.

CIM has a great foundation to build on. The only thing CIM can really do now to truly honour the past is to have the real courage to create a new future. So it’s time for CIM to agree to stop being mainly a group of disconnected entities, operating independently, at sub-optimal levels. It’s time for CIM to get out of the comfort zone, to discard any notion of remaining content with the status quo of holding a few good events and putting out a few good publications. It’s time for CIM to seriously look at how to become a key element in the process of attracting, developing, and retaining talent of all kind, as well as developing the future leaders of this sector.

And it’s time for CIM to put its total, combined power to the service of the industry like it has never done before. It’s time for CIM to become much more than the sum of its parts and for all in CIM to work towards common goals. We have a wealth of resources and knowledge to better leverage. We certainly have to continue to do all the great things we do, and even improve on them. But we have to do much more.

We don’t know what the new CIM will look like. We must build on face-to-face interactions with people across industry. We need your support, ideas, and comments, and we need everyone to take part in the redesign of the Institute.

Please contact us, by email, mail, or phone, to communicate your ideas to the CIM executives. Contact the national office, or contact the CIM constituent you are affiliated with, be it a society, division, or branch. CIM volunteers are putting a lot of energy and effort into the strategic plan. They are doing their best to represent members’ and industry’s needs, but they need you to help shape the vision.

The CIM Strategic Planning committee had a meeting in January to bring the plan one step closer to finalization, incorporating the feedback they have received so far. CIM Council meets in early March, and the Strategic Plan will be presented to the Council, to be worked on. Share your voice today.

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