Dec '06/Jan '07

Editor's letter

Ringing in the new year

By H. Ednie

It’s hard to believe this is the last issue of 2006. The year has flown by so quickly – everyone is caught up in a fast-paced drive to accomplish more, achieve growth, and often with less people. At this pace, I’ll be 40 before I book an actual vacation.

It’s an exciting time for CIM, and it’s a real high to be part of the Institute’s evolution. Somehow or other, volunteers continue to find time to contribute to their industry, albeit often in smaller doses than bygone years. CIM is receiving greater support from industry, as the annual conference is being recognized with increased sponsorship, CIM Magazine is benefiting from increased advertising, and membership is on a consistent upward trend. With a new strategic plan in place and a dynamic CIM Council to drive change, 2007 promises to be terrific.

So what’s in the plans for CIM in 2007? The CIM Conference and Exhibition, in Montreal this coming spring, is already shaping up. In fact, by the time this issue is in your hands, the technical program is to be complete - please visit the conference site online at and find out which presentations you must attend.

The Metallurgical Society is hosting the international Copper 2007 in conjunction with their annual COM2007 conference, which will bring leaders from around the globe to Toronto in September. And there are so many more events - please see the CIM 2007 calendar on page 74 for a taste of what’s to come.

CIM’s publications are all going strong - the Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, the Journal of Canadian Petroleum Technology, and the Exploration and Mining Geology journal are all on track and offering top-notch scientific papers. And CIM Magazine is already looking ahead to an information-packed year. Help us make the leap to brilliance, and be a contributor in the new year.

Please help CIM set its new course, and contact me with your thoughts on what happened in 2006, and what is to come next year. Make CIM your association of choice.

Heather Ednie, Editor-in-chief

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