August 2006

Editor's letter

Tackling the human resources challenge

By H. Ednie

As this issue of the CIM Magazine includes the annual CIM membership directory, we figured no better time to focus on one of the major challenges nailing industry: human resources. Luckily for us, the great folks at the Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) were quick to jump on-board as our collaborators on the issue, providing much of the content to ensure we zoom in on some of the main issues.

Over the coming pages, you’ll read about the skills shortage industry is facing and tools to help avoid a crisis. We’ve included some case studies of mining companies that are running progressive programs to attract the workforce they require. And some hard-hitting facts might make you take a moment to consider the state of the industry - for example, though we like to think women are on an even playing field these days, do they face challenges unique to their gender when it comes to a career in mining?

Human resources is the buzz phrase of the day. Across the minerals industry, the impending shortage is acknowledged, feared, and being prepared for. This isn’t a uniquely ‘mining’ issue - it spans all professions represented in CIM, from geology through processing, metallurgy, and oil and gas. And it is a reality for virtually all industries in Canada.

It’s a good time to be in the mining industry, with prices strong and a multitude of invigorating careers available. Over the past two years, CIM membership has grown steadily. So it’s to CIM members that industry might turn - the pride you have for your job, your company, and your industry should be shared. That’s the type of message that will bring the necessary new blood to our industry. From one-on-one conversations with your kids and their friends, to talks with small groups, such as a classroom at your local high school, or at large venues, spread the word that the minerals industry offers the opportunities of a lifetime.

Thanks to Paul, Ryan, and the rest of the MiHR team for their insights and resourcefulness!

Heather Ednie, Editor-in-chief

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