Metallurgical Plant Design

Metallurgical Plant Design
ISBN: 978-1-926872-27-8
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Editor: Rob Boom, Chris Twigge-Molecey, Frank Wheeler, Jack Young

While a great deal of literature on project and construction management exists, as do many reference books on the fundamentals of metallurgy and engineering principles, very little information is available on the design process, which translates these fundamentals into the design of a properly functioning metallurgical facility.

This book fills the information gap. 

To develop it, we assembled a team of specialists from across the globe who have worked in the projects environment for most of their careers. We anticipate that design teams who follow the approach outlined in Metallurgical Plant Design – and do their homework – will enjoy successful projects.

Who should read this book? 
Metallurgical Plant Design will interest anybody involved in the development and implementation of metallurgical plants, including owners, financiers, design engineers, process engineers, researchers, construction managers and project managers.

Table of Contents

  • A risk-based approach to plan design
  • The business case: defining the project
  • Site selection
  • Project development
  • Managing technology risk
  • Custom designed equipment
  • Sustainability in plant design
  • Design for safety
  • Plant layout and logistics
  • Project implementation
  • Looking to the future


"...provides an excellent introduction into project engineering and associated practices...comprehensive, clearly written, defines important terms and concepts,  provides a number of case studies, and outlines the FEL  stages in accessible language."

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"This book uses design and project implementation examples from steelmaking and aluminium with a minor contribution from hydrometallurgy....For those members in steel and aluminium its case studies and references will no doubt have high value."

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