Sept/Oct 2008

President's notes

Feel the energy!

By J. Gowans

This issue is all about energy and the associated participation of the mining industry towards driving strategic and meaningful efficiencies. Canada is the world’s leader in oil sands development and production, and a significant producer of coal. With the many challenges facing our society regarding energy requirements, the mining industry is stepping up — and in a sustainable manner!

Where does CIM fit in?  The organization is front and centre, providing the opportunities for our members to network and share the knowledge that will help us to meet these challenges head-on.

Another type of energy that is of great importance to the industry is people power. The growing shortage of skilled labourers remains one of the most significant challenges facing not only the coal and oil sands industries, but the mining sector as a whole. CIM is focused on proactively addressing this issue by providing opportunities that attract young people to our industry. This is being accomplished by means of our student memberships, branch activities and the scholarship programs offered through the CIM Foundation, as well as from the various branches and societies.

Calling all students! I encourage you to contact our CIM national office and inquire about how to take advantage of the financial resources the organization has to offer.

Calling all members! CIM is also working with MiHR to provide mentors for young people in our industry.  Members, I also encourage those of you who are interested to get in touch with the national office for more information about this positive program.

Let’s keep that critical flow of energy going that can only be provided by young people entering our industry.

Jim Gowans, CIM President

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