Sept/Oct 2008

Editor's letter

Resounding examples of ingenuity

By H. Ednie

This year’s special Coal and Oil Sands issue of CIM Magazine is the best one yet, with major involvement of people throughout those thriving industries. There’s no doubt about it — the soaring times for Canadian coal and oil sands production haven’t even begun to touch their brakes. Reading through the numerous articles in this issue, covering many different companies and their people, one point is clear: these industries are resounding examples of ingenuity and forward thinking.

It seems that no matter what is thrown at them, the people driving these industries find innovative solutions to their challenges. There’s no bowing down to adversity; rather a steely will to determine the best course of action shapes their progress. Take the continuing human resources challenges — throughout this issue there is example after example of companies pursuing out-of-the-box ideas to meet their needs.

Cleverness isn’t relegated to coal and oil sands alone — our minerals industry is chock full of it, as we tackle technology, environmental and social issues to meet our production requirements. This issue highlights a number of prime examples of resourceful efforts, from clean coal technologies to new developments for in situ mining. And the abundant examples of innovation amidst the booming times make the coal and oil sands industries highly exciting — so enjoy this issue as you learn about some of the hottest projects and developments underway.

Heather Ednie

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