Looking to the future: the Kearl oil sands project

Imperial Oil and ExxonMobil implement the first of three phases at Kearl. By M. Eisner

Saskatchewan: the new frontier

Oilsands Quest spearheads the province’s sunrise oil sands industry. By M. Kerawala

Alloyed adornment, unalloyed valour

Canada’s Victoria Cross is the product of modern metallurgical ingenuity and centuries-old tradition. By M. Kerawala

New neighbourhoods of opportunity

The Government of Alberta and the Wood Buffalo Regional Municipality to develop two new communities in Fort McMurray. 

The stingiest project in the West?

GE Water and Process Technologies enable the Algar Oil Sands project to recycle and conserve water. By M. Kerawala

Providing mine scheduling solutions

The XPAC AutoScheduler helps Petro-Canada meet targets at the Fort Hills mining project. By M. Sabourin

Carbon dioxide... R.I.P.

A tête-à-tête with Jim Carter, president of the Alberta Carbon Capture and Storage Development Council. By B. Sundararajan

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